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Progress Timeline
  • I was born in Berkeley. My family moved from Richmond to Walnut Creek around the age of 2.

  • I designed parts for a 3D printer, then 3D printed them on a low-quality 3D printer. These parts were assembled into a new machine, which was subsequently used to re-print its own parts at higher quality.

    Sophomore Year (High School)
  • I spent a summer interning at a company called Tango System Inc. which produces semiconductor manufacturing equipment. I modeled various components in SolidWork 2015 and assembled vacuum equipment in a clean room.

    Summer after Sophomore Year (High School)
  • Created and ran a rocketry club at Las Lomas High School. This club organized lunch activities such as the launching of pressurized-water rockets. I also led students through the process of modeling hobby rockets in Autodesk Fusion 360.

    Junior Year (High School)
  • Spent my summer interning at a startup called iBeat. ----> Work on this <----

    Summer after Freshman Year (College)
  • Presided as President of the Engineering Club at Diablo Valley College. I led the club through the design, validation, and fabrication of an all-aluminum 3D printer which was initially planned to be donated to the school. Also led the club through the design process of a motor-controlled robotic arm with computer vision capabilities.

    Sophomore Year (College)
  • I two professors and two other students from my community college, to a National Science Foundation conference hosted in Washington D.C. I presented the 3D printer that the Engineering Club had built, along with a model ion thruster I had built.

    Sophomore Year (College)
  • I returned to iBeat this summer. ----> Work on this <----

    Summer after Sophomore Year (College)
  • Transferring into UCLA as a Junior.

    Junior Year (College)